Jessica Max - Into the Deep

I met Jessica through a blog called Soul Focus.  I was hosting a themed week re: silhouettes. Imagine that.  Anyways.. I came across an incredible maternity photo - on the beach - the clouds told a story of their own - and the edit was spectacular.  The wind blew this soon-to-be mother's dress and the movement was just.... POWERFUL.  ...and the mind behind it was just as compelling - if not more.  When I clicked to see Jessica's work - I felt an immediate connection to the way she thinks.  Our friendship has developed over the last couple of years. For that I am so grateful.  She's the yin to my yang.  

Just recently, the girls and I drove up to stay with Jessica and her kiddos for a little vacation.  She photographed the girls and I.  We got to sneak away one morning with no kids and I got the chance to photograph her as well.  On the beach!  If you know Jessica and/or her work - you know that she loves the water..  So.. without further adieu...


You can find Jessica's work HERE.